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Best Electrical Services In Dubai
Whether it is a simple task to deal with the complexity of replacing your old electrical socket or fixing a short circuit, just trust Mahraj Building Maintenance LLC and solve all your electrical problems in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Consider.

Electrical Services Dubai

The electrical services and maintenance team at Mahraj Building Maintenance LLC consists of the handpiece engineering team with unrivalled professional experience and domain expertise, capable of handling both preventive and reactive maintenance of electrical systems. Some of our common electrical services include

Electrical Repair Services in Dubai Near Me

Training and experience are required to deal with electrical repair work as it is prone to electric shock. Repair Plus consists of an in-house team of professional electricians who have the background, training and qualifications to inspect, install and repair and maintain electrical systems of various electrical services in Dubai. We can repair electrical fixtures and equipment, replace circuit breakers and fuse boxes, add electrical outlets, install lighting, inspect and test your electrical installations and equipment, And can fix a broken or overheated generator, among many other services.

Mahraj also promotes practical green methods that benefit the health and environment of our customers by providing LED lighting and AC energy savings. Call today to inquire about these services.

What we Offer

  1. Repair and replacement of defective light fittings
  2. Handling and replacing damaged or burnt power sockets
  3. Cleaning dirty electrical panels and distribution boards
  4. Take care of loose electrical connections
  5. Handling overheating wires and burnt cable insulation
  6. Fix wire
  7. Fixing a short circuit or incorrectly wired leakage
  8. Unbalanced power circuit
  9. Looks unusual in light fittings
  10. Trust us like many others to experience the best electrical services in Dubai, UAE