This Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy sets out the business principles and requirements for the working environment, crisis management, business continuity management and safety and security (including occupational health and safety, personnel security, physical security) Mahraj Building Maintenance LLC shall:

  • Create and maintain a good working environment and culture of occupational health, safety and security and provide the necessary protection to people, information and other assets of the company as well as of the client by managing security and safety risks proportionally and effectively.
  • Work proactively with safety and security to ensure a healthy, safe and secure working environment for its employees.
  • Continuously work to improve its readiness to handle crisis and severe incidents with the aim to reduce impact on employees, business and client’s assets and property
  • Work systematically with working environment, safety and security awareness and training for its personnel on the areas under this policy. Risk assessments shal be performed to identify internal and external safety, security risks to personnel, assets and property of the client.